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Aircraft/treadmill sports problems. It contains a basic ambiguity that people can solve in several different ways. The tricky thing is that each team thinks the other person has made a very simple physical error. So you get two groups, each of rc motion airplanes which condescends to explain basic physics and mathematics to another group. That's why, for example, the airplane/treadmill issue is a prohibited topic on the xkcd forum (and an argument about whether 0.999 ... = 1).

Imagine the 747 sitting on a conveyor belt as wide as the runway. The design of the conveyor belt exactly matches the speed of the wheel and moves in the opposite direction. Can the plane take off? The actual answer is "yes". The 747's engine produced 250,000 pounds of thrust. In other words, each engine is powerful enough to launch the Brachiosaurus directly (see photo). With this power, the plane will advance and take off regardless of what happens rc electric airplanes on the treadmill and wheels.

But what happens if we push the engine? The terms of the problem tell us that airplanes cannot have non-zero speeds, but there is no physical mechanism to reasonably achieve this. The treadmill can spin the wheel, but the acceleration destroys the plane before it stops. The question rc model airplanes uk is basically "What happens if you can't move and move it on the plane?" This may be of interest to literary critics, but it's a bad physical problem.

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