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The drone can be anything from basically a toy, a RC helicopter driven by a military rc airplanes child to a $100 million Global Hawk flying in the US military, but we will try to narrow it down a bit.As you will see in this very useful video (from a manned and long-range flight team called FliteTest), explore with a few experts and enthusiasts "What is a drone?" The views of the questions vary widely. Some of the people surveyed thought that drones could not be driven without human control, while others thought they could operate autonomously. (For some people, this can bring the future vision of science fiction movies, but if any drone is reading this article, I welcome the new robot overlord.)

The drone is in the center of the independent lens film National Bird, although the documentary puts a very human face behind the military drone action, focusing on post-traumatic stress involved in long-range combat. But for a word that often appears these days, military rc airplanes, we all know what the drone is actually? From the discussion of controversial military plans to talking about parcel rc model airplanes delivery and aerial photography, it seems to have become an all-encompassing word for the pursuit of harmless and dangerous pursuits. Whether you like it or not, drones are now part of our lives and the world, so it's useful to have a deeper understanding of drones. Let's take a look at the different types of drones, what they can do, and what they can be called.

The military prefers you to call their drones (or drones). You can also hear the term UAS or UAV system, a more comprehensive term that encompasses aircraft or drones, plus a ground controller (the person who operates the machine) and the communication system that connects the system. two. In a sense, unmanned aerial vehicles used for military purposes are not particularly novel; in fact, one can stretch it to consider balloons that dropped bombs in the mid-19th century as early drones, then unmanned Aircraft and weapons became more and more complex throughout the 20th century, even including the Fairchild BQ-3 in the Second World War, which was tested by the US Army, but considered rc motion airplanes to be ineffective or useful enough). But today's technology is very advanced, using robotics and remote control technology to drive a variety of weight and size of the drone, literally and metaphorically reached a new height. Of course, unlike commercial drones, military rc airplanes are used to throw bombs at targets, usually humans, far below the target.

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