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Each year, the Central Radio Control Association of Florida hosts a competition called "Geezers vs. Upstarts." All participants are of average age and are separated in the middle. Young people are Upstarts and older people are Geezers. When I finally became a cheap rc airplanes nouveau riche, I had to laugh! Still using cheap rc airplanes, the game will match a Geezer with an Upstart in different games. Add points to see if Geezers or Upstarts wins.

The first event was "blind glide." The pilot of the plane is facing the plane while the other person tells him the direction and speed of the plane. The airplane must pass through some obstacles (in this case, a five-gallon bucket) and must hit the balloon at any part of the aircraft. If the balloon bursts when it is hit by a propeller, the extra ten seconds will be knocked down by the official time. I hit the balloon but didn't pop up. The second thing is "bomb falling." Small plastic Easter eggs military rc airplanes filled with cornstarch plastic bags are attached to each flat. The pilot had to fly over a marker and put down the "bomb." The pilot dropped the bomb closest to the target and won. Cheap rc airplanes We found that the best way to put down a bomb is to tie a cup to the top or side of the plane with a rubber band and then let the plane drop or flip quickly to drop the bomb. The best bomb was made of a small bubble, he made some vertical spirals and threw the bomb about three feet from the target. I think I fell about 33 feet away, it was the best, cheap rc airplanes but my record was quickly defeated.

The next event is time and taxi/site landing. The pilot had 30 seconds to get the highest possible height, then he cut off the engine and had to slide back to the runway. Calculate the time plus the distance the aircraft reaches the target to determine the winner. I flew up thinking that I had cut off my engine, but when I rc model airplanes lowered it was still running, so I was disqualified. Overall, we had a wonderful day. No wind started, but it started at noon. Upstarts got the best Geezers, cheap rc airplanes but we all had a lot of fun, except for the four crashed planes!

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